Das Parlament von Estland

Without majority

Estonian government holds minority

Tiina Kangro leaves the Pro Patria parliamentary group and therefore the estonian government holds only 50 out of 101 seats in parliament. This makes the work dependence on some independent members of parliament. But still the government stays optimistic, even in the upcoming budget debate.

Papst Franziskus erhält die E-Residenz von Präsidentin Kaljulaid

New citizen

Pope Francis receives e-residency

President Kaljulaid hands over the Estonian e-residency to Pope Francis during his one-day visit to Tallinn. 10000 people gathered at the Freedom Square to celebrate Holy Mass. With the motto “Wake up, my heart” he met with youth and civil society.

Estlands Präsidentin Kersti Kaljulaid, im September 2017. | © Annika Haas / EU2017EE / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Relocation of office

President Kaljulaid starts working in Narva

President Kaljulaid office is located in Narva temporary. Meetings with people active in the public sector, businesses, local governments and schools are planned. The public attention shall help to do away with prejudices concerning the town and its inhabitants, who are mainly Russian-speaking.



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is active in Estonia since the beginning of independence movements in late 1980-ies. Since 1993 we are represented with our office in Tallinn.


Previous events

Sep. 25 - 26

Annual Baltic Conference on Defence

NATO at 70: no time to rest

Sep. 13

10 years from the Russio-Georgian conflict

Discussion- and Filmevent "Conflicts, that changed the world"

Aug. 12

10 years from Russia-Georgia conflict

Discussion- and Filmevent "Conflicts, that changed the world"

Aug. 10

NATO - guarantor of the future or a hostage of the past?

Open discussion in frame of the Opinion Festival in Paide/Estonia


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