Opening of the travelling exhibition - Estonia in the age of migration

February 7 Wednesday


February 7, 2018, 11.00-12.30


Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium, Sütiste tee 21, Tallinn


Dr. Ülle Madise, Estonian Chancellor of Justice; Dr. Mart Nutt, member of the Riigikogu; Tiit Tammmaru, historian, and Vootele Hansen, chairman of the Estonian Institute of Human Rights (EIHR)



The travelling exhibition addresses the influence of migration on the Estonian society in past and present.

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The conclusion of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century have been called an era of migration. Globalization, natural disasters, armed conflicts and the various effects of a quickly-changing world have forced an all-time high of more than three percent of the worlds population to leave their homes.

The exhibition outlines the effects of migration on Estonia during the past two centuries. It includes both the big historical waves of Estonians migrating from and returning to the country and the current process of admission and integration of refugees into Estonia since 2015.

The exhibition is aimed towards anyone interested in the influence migration has had on the Estonian society in the past, as well as recent developments following the so-called European refugee crisis.

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