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The Estonian Tiger fighting the European Debt and Economic Crisis

Interview with Annely Akkermann MP

Annely Akkermann MP (40) is a member of the parliamentary group Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit (IRL) in the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) since 2011. She studied economy at the University of Tartu and has years of fiscal experience in local administrations. In the Riigikogu she is a member of the Select Budgetary Committee. With her economic background and years of political experience on a local and national level she answers various questions regarding Estonia, the Euro as well as the European Debt and Economic crisis. more…

Event Reports | April 15, 2013

Estonia and the European Debt and Economic Crisis

Recent data by the European Central Bank (ECB) indicates that Estonia is together with Luxemburg and Finland one of the few member states in the Euro-Zone that has sufficient financial resources in order to repay its debt. The paper deals with Estonias fiscal policy approach as well describes its current political situation within the European Union and in the European Monetary Union. more…

Thomas Schneider | Country Reports | March 30, 2013

Energy Policy in Estonia

A comparative view on party positions

In the light of the German Energiewende, i.e. phasing out of nuclear energy and the implementation of binding limitations on CO2 emissions, debates on resource sustainability is not limited to institutions of the European Union (EU). In fact, resource sustainability is discussed all over Europe. Estonia is a small national economy with a certain limit of domestic energy resources. But where is Estonia heading to? The most important facts and issues of Estonian energy policy, the current debate and the common and different positions on energy policy of political parties are shown. more…

Thomas Schneider | Country Reports | January 20, 2013

Demographic Trends in Estonia

Primary Results and Interpretation

In 2012, the Eleventh Population and Housing Census (PHC 2011) was conducted in Estonia. It illustrated the overall population decline in Estonia that was generally expected to be higher. The working paper shows the mayor numbers of the PHC 2011 and interpretates its origin and impact for the future of the Estonian society. more…

Thomas Schneider | Country Reports | January 15, 2013

The future of Estonias `society of opportunities´

Interview at the IV. future forum Estonia (in German)

Margus Tsahkna MP, chairman of the social affairs committee of the Estonian Riigikogu, answers on current questions of Social policy. more…

Thomas Schneider | Event Reports | December 6, 2012