Conflict Management in Northern Ghana- the important role of the woman

Workshops in Kpandai and Bimbila

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The KAS in cooperation with our partner TEPPCON has given workshops in Kpandai and Bimbila in order to prevent arising tensions and manage conflicts more efficiently between ethnic groups of the Northern Region of Ghana.

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Banner of the Workshop

Banner of the Workshop

Between April 11th and April 15th the KAS-Team traveled to the Northern Region of Ghana to give workshops on Conflict Management together with our partner TEPPCON. Local participants attended the two workshops in Kpandai and Bimbila. Until today there are still many ethnic and political conflicts and tensions between the different ethnic groups in the Northern Region. The workshops were supposed to support the people in the understanding, why conflicts arise, how to tackle them and how to prevent them in the future. The role of the women is very important in this context, since she is the one in charge of raising and educating the children. From the beginning one, children shell adopt and incorporate values like respect, acceptance, tolerance against different cultures and religions. When solving conflicts, the participants learned how to communicte in a more efficient way. KAS and TEPPCON demonstrated theories of "active listeing" and analyzing the roots of conflicts. The people who attended the workshops debated actively and participated with great affection. Therefore the workshops have really been a full success.

Written by Adriana A. Stibral (intern of the KAS)

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Ghana, April 18, 2011