Dialoggers 2018

7th Greek-German Journalists' Workshop

September 30 Sunday


September 30 - October 5 2018





Dialoggers are back! The 7th edition of this successful project of KAS Greece will take place for the first time in Thessaloniki this autumn.

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Since October 2012 KAS Greece has organized 6 Greek-German Media Workshops in Athens, Berlin and Brussels. Greek and German journalists work together in team of 2 on topics of common concern, serving the European public interest.

This time KAS Greece calls young Greek journalists to apply for the workshop in Thessaloniki at a turning point for Greece. The period of the memoranda is coming to an end and the country is preparing to stand on its own feet again. We will deal with different aspects of the effects of the crisis on the society and the perspectives for the future, also in the framework of other challenges that the Greek society has been faced with in the last years (such as migration etc.).

7 Greek young journalists will work alongside with 7 colleagues of theirs from Germany. We invite you to fill out the relevant application form and send it to us till 22 August. Those selected will attend this intensive workshop from 30 September to 05 October in Thessaloniki.

More information about the past Dialoggers are available under dialoggers.eu.


KAS Greece Journalism Project Dialoggers

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