7. German-Greek Assembly

Sindelfingen, Germany

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Conference with experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of the local administration from Greece and Germany

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7. Deutsch-Griechische Versammlung

The 7. German-Greek Assembly took place at the "Motoworld" Complex in Sindelfingen/Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg.

For the 7. time in a row the Greek-German Assembly took place in Sindelfingen, Germany from 9 till 11 November. Representatives from the fields of science, economy, local administration and the civil society discussed upon issues that relate to the Greek-German relations. The Konrad-Adenauer Foundation participated to the Assembly via the organization of a workshop about the founding and strengthening of enterprises. A panel consisting of renowned speakers shed light on the growth potentials for small and medium enterprises on local level. The cooperation with the local Chambers was also one of the major issues discussed.

Mr. Otto Kentzler, honorary President the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, opened the discussion by underlining the need to further deepen the financial and entrepreneurial exchange between the two countries, emphasizing to this purpose the role of the German-Greek Assembly. Ms. Eleni Foti, Director of the Department for International Relations of the Athens Commercial and Industrial Chamber, as well as Head of the Athens Startup Business Incubator, thoroughly presented the Incubator and commented on the role that the local Chambers can play in strengthening business in Greece. Mr. Nikolaos Mountakis, General Director of the Business Park of Chania-Crete, presented to the audience this important initiative, which can serve as a role-model for the whole country. Ms. Roswitha Keppler, businesswoman and master craftswoman of the Calw region, focused on the importance of the pro bono activity of business groups and underlined her willingness to intensify her cooperation with her Greek colleagues. Mr. Grigorios Papacharalampous, President of regional council of Thessaly, discussed on the role of the local administration to the evolution of small and medium businesses. Mr. Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Head of the German-Greek Assembly and Dr. Georgios Patoulis, Head of the Central Union of Local Communities of Greece, made important interventions, whereas the discussion was moderated by Matthias Hoffmann, Head of the Thessaloniki Branch of the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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