Expert Workshop KAS-ECFR-GMF about Brexit

Britain on the margins

Joined workshop KAS - European Council on Foreign Relations and German Marshall Fund discussing strategic and economic scenarios of Britains EU-Membership

Cadenabbia UK - D Finance Experts

German - British Finanzexpert Meeting

During the 5th German - British Economy and Finance Conference in Cadenabbia experts discussed issues such as banking union, currency race, competitivness and global trade.

Political Europe Debate at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham with Jens Spahn, MdB, Neil Carmichael MP, Kenneth Clarke OBE, Katja Hall (CBI) and Petros Fassoulas, European Movement

Germany and Great Britain in the EU

Political debate at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham about UK's and Germanys role in the EU with Jens Spahn (CDU MP), Kenneth Clarke MP, Neil Carmichael MP, KAtja Hall (CBI) and Petros Fassoulas (EM)



The cooperation with the United Kingdom and Ireland has been of great importance for the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung since it established an office in London in 1981. Politically, the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, are important partners of Germany. Therefore our aim is to strengthen and deepen these close relationships.



Nov. 1

Oxford German Forum 2014

Nov. 6

5th KAS/EUCERS Workshop - How will China's 'Energy Hunger' affect the World?

The Changing Political and Economic Dynamics of Global Energy Flows

Nov. 28

How Attractive is the EU as a Trading Partner?

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Previous events

Oct. 28

On the Right Path for Paris?

Can Green Growth be a New Narrative to Unblock a Climate Deal?


Approaches to the Labour Market and Employment

UK and Germany: Contrasts and Similarities

The third and final event in our series for 2014 focussed on the different approaches adopted in the UK and Germany to the labour market. more…

Europe's Place in the Changing Global Economy

The annual expert group met in Cadenabbia, Italy from 9th to 12th October 2014. The meeting addressed several topics at the top of the financial and economic agenda in Europe. more…

European Energy Supply Security in Light of the Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine crisis is intensifying the long-standing debate about the security of Europe’s energy supplies. On a geopolitical level, the EU’s energy interests to the east, south, and southeast are gaining salience. The idea of a [...] more…

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