The Future of Global Climate Policy - The Security and Financial Dimension

Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation & The European Centre for Energy and Resource Security

December 13 Wednesday


December 13, 2017, 09h00-13h00


Anatomy Museum, King's College


Claire Perry MP, Chris Mottershead, Chris Barrett, Christoph Wolff



The panel will discuss the future of global climate policy and security as well as changes in energy financing triggered by climate considerations.

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Neither the Kyoto Protocol nor the Copenhagen Agreement seem to have been very much a success in global climate policy. Therefore, policy-makers have been putting much hope on the Paris Agreement that was agreed in November 2015. U.S. president Donald J. Trump recently announced that the United States intend to withdraw from the Paris Agreement which was globally considered a heavy set-back for efforts to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Amid this difficult situation, we are delighted to invite you to our final energy and climate talk in 2017.


Claire Perry MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry

Chris Mottershead, Senior Vice President (Quality, Strategy & Innovation), King’s College London

Christoph Wolff, Managing Director, European Climate Foundation

Dr Frank Umbach, Research Director, EUCERS, King’s College London

Ingrid Holmes, Senior Partner, E3G

Chris Barrett, Executive Director Finance, European Climate Foundation and former Australian Ambassador to the OECD

Dr Megan Bowman, Lecturer in Law and Co-Founder, Climate Law and Governance hub at King's College London

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