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November 11, 2016

Irish Press

Trump ‘compliments’ Irish economic policy in phone call, says Kenny

US president-elect Donald Trump has invited Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the White House for St Patrick’s Day in 2017. During a 10 minute conversation, the Taoiseach congratulated Mr Trump on his victory and “both men committed to working together to the mutual benefit of Ireland and the United States,” according to a spokeswoman for Mr Kenny. more…

November 3, 2016
Royal Courts of Justice


Government loses Article 50 court ruling

The British government must ask the parliament to vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the European Union, the High Court has ruled.

November 2, 2016
British German Dialogue 2016

British German Dialogue

British German Dialogue 2016

Last week we held our annual British German Dialogue in Windsor, where politicians, think-tankers, business figures and academics from both countries gathered to discuss British-German relations.

November 1, 2016
Cadenabbia Finance Market Conference 2016

Cadenabbia 2016

Cadenabbia Finance Market Conference 2016

We recently held this year's Finance Market Conference in Cadenabbia, Italy. The conference was attended by German politicians, as well as figures from the finance, business and think-tank communities from both the UK and Germany. The discussion topics included the new post-Brexit UK-EU relationship and the prospects for future world trade.

November 1, 2016

Irish Press

Irish Brexit concerns will be heard, insists Merkel ally

David McAllister MEP insists that Ireland's Brexit concerns will play a prominent role once Germany and the other remaining EU states commence talks with the UK. more…

October 27, 2016

Irish Press

Theresa May to offer Foster and McGuinness role in Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has offered the leaders of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales a formal role in shaping Britain’s strategy for leaving the European Union. Mrs May said the Joint Ministerial Committee (EU Negotiations) would give Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales an official channel to influence Brexit negotiations before they start next spring. more…

October 19, 2016

KAS/WMCES London Debate 2016

The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain's Relationship with the EU

On 17 October, a workshop and public debate entitled “The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain’s Relationship with the EU”, organised by KAS and WMCES took place in London. In the evening, members of the public were invited to the “London Debate 2016” at Church House. more…

October 7, 2016

German Oxford Forum 2016

Brexit: Quo Vadis?

We are pleased to announce this year's Oxford German Forum on 17th and 18th November at Trinity College, University of Oxford. To register for the event, please email more…

September 29, 2016

KAS / WMCES London Debate 2016

The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain's Relationship with the EU

This year's KAS/ WMCES London Debate taking place on October 17 will bring together high profile speakers to discuss the implications for the UK's future relationship with the EU following the recent Brexit vote. To attend email more…

September 21, 2016

KAS UK & Federal Trust

German and British perspectives on Brexit

You are cordially invited to the joint seminar with the Federal Trust, which will examine the impact of Brexit on Anglo-German relations. There will be a discussion of what contribution Brexit has had or will have on the shaping of Anglo-German relations. more…