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September 29, 2016

KAS / WMCES London Debate 2016

The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain's Relationship with the EU

This year's KAS/ WMCES London Debate taking place on October 17 will bring together high profile speakers to discuss the implications for the UK's future relationship with the EU following the recent Brexit vote. To attend email more…

September 21, 2016

KAS UK & Federal Trust

German and British perspectives on Brexit

You are cordially invited to the joint seminar with the Federal Trust, which will examine the impact of Brexit on Anglo-German relations. There will be a discussion of what contribution Brexit has had or will have on the shaping of Anglo-German relations. more…

August 17, 2016

Centre for European Reform

Theresa May and her six-pack of difficult deals

Britain’s exit from the EU will require not just a single deal, but at least six interlocking sets of negotiations. If the British government wants the talks to run smoothly, it will need to earn the goodwill not only of the countries in the EU, but also of those in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). more…

August 8, 2016

EUCERS/ISD/KAS Energy Talks 2016

The Future of Fossil Fuels in the Era of Climate Change

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung UK & Ireland Office cordially invites you to the fourth energy talk in 2016 on “The Future of Fossil Fuels in the Era of Climate Change” co-hosted by EUCERS and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. more…

July 12, 2016

Country Report

Way clear for new Prime Minister

Of the initial five Conservative candidates vying to succeed Prime Minister David Cameron, it was eventually whittled down to two: Home Secretary Theresa May and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. Following the surprise withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom from the Conservative leadership race, the vote will now no longer go to the party membership as was expected, leaving the way clear for Theresa May to take office on Wednesday. more…

July 8, 2016

Irish Press

Mick Wallace’s fatal foetal abnormalities bill defeated in Dáil

A Bill to allow for abortions in cases of fatal foetal abnormality has been defeated in the Dáil by 95 votes to 45. The controversial bill was brought to the house by Independents4Change TD Mick Wallace this morning despite being deemed unconstitutional by the Attorney General. A number of Independent TDs in the minority Government voted for the bill after Taoiseach Enda Kenny stated that Cabinet members could have a free vote. more…

July 6, 2016

Press Release

Shock and composure following Brexit vote

Following the UK referendum result on 23 June, 28 KAS international offices have analysed local reactions to the decision in the media, as well from the economic community and civil society. more…

June 30, 2016

Irish Press

Charlie Flanagan rules out post-Brexit Border poll

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has ruled out a Border poll following the Brexit referendum. He told the Seanad that although he understood the motivations of those who called for a referendum, for such a poll to be held, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland must determine that a majority of the electorate would opt for a united Ireland. At present, there was no evidence to suggest that would be the case. more…

June 30, 2016
Conservative leadership candidates

Conservative leadership

Conservative leadership candidates confirmed

At midday today, the candidates to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party (and as Prime Minister) were confirmed. The five candidates are: Michael Gove (Lord Chancellor), Theresa May (Home Secretary), Stephen Crabb (Work and Pensions Secretary), Liam Fox (former Defence Secretary) and Andrea Leadsom (Energy Minister). Boris Johnson surprisingly declared minutes before the deadline that he would not stand as a candidate.

June 24, 2016

EU Referendum

A dark day for the UK and the EU

Leave claims victory in the EU Referendum - prime minister David Cameron resigns: In the early hours of 24 June the result of the referendum was confirmed: with 51.89 per cent of the vote, the leave side was decisively victorious, contrary to the majority of opinion polls conducted shortly before voters went to the polls. more…