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The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain's Relationship with the EU

KAS/WMCES London Debate 2016

On 17 October, a workshop and public debate entitled “The Day After Brexit: Reinventing Britain’s Relationship with the EU”, organised by KAS and WMCES took place in London. In the evening, members of the public were invited to the “London Debate 2016” at Church House. more…

Event Reports | October 19, 2016


A constant struggle for power and influence between states has always figured among the main characteristics of international politics. Regional powers can be considered the middle management of world politics: sufficiently powerful to make their mark on the region and take on a political and economic leadership role, but not yet or no longer powerful enough to be able to fill this role at the global level as well. more…

Dr. Gerhard Wahlers | International Reports | October 10, 2016

The Gulf Region and the Future of Oil

EUCERS/KAS/ISD Energy Talks 2016

Yesterday, we held the third event in this year's energy security workshop series, organised in cooperation with EUCERS & ISD. The well-attended discussion brought together regional and topic experts to explore the future of oil in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. more…

Event Reports | May 24, 2016

“German Perspectives on the British EU Referendum”

KAS UK, GPI & Federal Trust

On 7 April 2016, a panel discussion organised by the Federal Trust, Global Policy Institute and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung UK and Ireland office took place in London. The well-attended event centred around German perspective on the UK EU referendum. more…

Event Reports | April 26, 2016

Background: The Future of Oil Prices – How low, how long?

EUCERS/ISD/KAS Energy Talks 2016

Oil prices have fluctuated by over $100/barrel in the span of a decade: $50/barrel in January 2007, $147 in July 2008, $30 in December 2008, $123 in March 2013, $40 in August 2015. The last downturn was triggered in 2014 by OPEC’s end-of-the-year decision to not cut production, but this decision can be traced further back. OPEC’s decision was itself a result of the fact that high oil prices were enabling competition from a number of non-OPEC players. more…

Event Reports | April 21, 2016