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The United Kingdom: Remaining at the Heart of Europe?

There is the question as to where the United Kingdom stands today regarding the role it plays or is willing to play within Europe. The referendum planned by Cameron’s government even poses the fundamental question as to whether the UK is to remain part of the European Union or leave it. Are the EU and the UK becoming increasingly alienated from each other, or have they never even truly been a good match? more…

Hans-Hartwig Blomeier | International Reports | December 30, 2015

German British Dialogue

Conference in Cadenabbia

Between the 6-8 November experts and politicians representing the UK and Germany met in Cadenabbia to discuss current affairs. more…

Event Reports | December 10, 2015

The UK’S EU Referendum - What can the EU do to prevent a Brexit?

The referendum on the UK’s possible exit from the EU is primarily a result of the domestic policies and election strategies of the Cameron government. The member states and institutions of the EU need to take the British government’s demands for reform seriously. An honest and constructive dialogue is vital at this point, as there is a very real danger that the UK may leave the EU. more…

Céline-Agathe Caro, Hans-Hartwig Blomeier, Lucas Schramm | Facts & Findings | December 10, 2015

"Prospects for economic growth in Germany, Great Britain and Europe?"

Expert conference in Cadenabbia, Italy

This year's finance expert conference in Cadenabbia took place between 24-27 September 2015. The conference covered various aspects of EU economic policy and the prospects for the future. more…

Event Reports | December 9, 2015

How “Islamic State” Recruits Fighters in Germany

Approaches to Effectively Preventing Islamist Radicalisation

There are over 7,000 Salafists living in Germany. Over 700 people have travelled to “IS”-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq from Germany, the number of “IS” returnees is on the rise. A historical-critical exegesis of the Quran, an expansion of Islamic religious education in schools, increased use of German as the medium in which sermons are delivered in mosques, employment of more Muslim chaplains, as well as websites aimed at young people that promote considered Islam can counter the alarming trend of increasing Islamist radicalisation. more…

Thomas Volk | Facts & Findings | October 7, 2015