Dialogue programme for Indian politicians

Young Indian politicians will visit Berlin and Brussels to discuss current political topics

September 23 Sunday


September 23 - 29, 2018




Study and Information Program

From September 23th-29th, 2018, a delegation of young Indian politicians will visit Berlin and Brussels for an exchange of views with young German politicians about the political challenges India, Germany and the European Union are facing.

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The following topics will be discussed during the delegation’s visit:

  1. Structure and function of the German political system and the European Union (EU) with discussion on last German elections
  2. Current political topics and challenges that Germany, Europe and India are facing
  3. A “migration crisis” in Europe? Challenges for Europe and Germany and opinion of Indian participants
  4. How politically divided is the current European Union? Differences between East and West, North and South and the impact of these differences
  5. Current state of the EU-India and the German-Indian relationships and ways to take them forward
  6. Shared core values of India and Germany and implications for the states’ foreign and security politics
  7. The importance of the Indo-Pacific region for Germany and the EU
  8. The Role of Youth Leaders (for the Indo-German Cooperation)
  9. The Role of Social Media and Cyber Security for current politics
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