MMA wins the "Best Management Association of India"-Award for the tenth time

The India Office of KAS' longtime partner in India, the Madras Management Association (MMA), has won the prestigious India's “Best Management Association Award” for the tenth consecutive year. more…

Philipp Huchel | Event Reports | September 27, 2018

Think Tank Report 4/2018

Insights into the agendas of international think tanks

In the Think Tank Report 4/2018 we take a look at: How Finland counters false reports | The most profitable market in the world is the Darknet |Why protecting IoT devices requires international standards | Only those who master the new algorithm can make profits| Disruptive democracy | What diaspora bonds are all about | The energy revolution makes its best progress at the municipal level | The arms race among Arab nations | The EU transport sector is emitting increasing quantities of CO2 | How developing countries can make progress in the tax legislation | and many more… more…

Think Tank Report | September 11, 2018

Energy Security in a Digitalized World and its Geostrategic Implications

Study by Frank Umbach, EUCERS/RSIS

Global energy systems are currently undergoing tremendous and multifold challenges. This ‘energy transition’ towards a non-fossil fuel energy system can be best described along three, mutually reinforcing strategic trends: decarbonization, digitalisation and decentralisation. Digitalisation has manifold impacts on energy suppliers, distributors and consumers as it provides opportunities for efficiency and sustainability, but also bears security threats. This study by Dr. Frank Umbach provides a comprehensive view on the impacts of digitalisation on the global energy system. more…

September 10, 2018

Third West Asia Conference of IDSA

"Changing Security Paradigm in West Asia: Regional and International Responses"

On September 5th and 6th, 2018, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) with the support of the India Office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organized the third West Asia conference on "Changing Security Paradigm in West Asia: Regional and International Responses” in New Delhi. more…

Philipp Huchel | Event Reports | September 7, 2018

The Future of Energy and Climate Security

A Reflection of the workshop series organized by KAS and EUCERS in Singapore, South Korea and Kazakhakstan

This joint book publication brings together contributions by our authors based on their presentations at our KAS/EUCERS workshop series in Singapore, South Korea and Kazakhstan. Authors such as Professor Hongyuan yu, Anatole boute and many more give insight into issues surrounding changing global gas markets and the importance of clean energy and climate security. It picks up the most important points of discussion from our three workshops with contributions by speakers and participants under the general theme of “The future of energy and climate security”. more…

September 4, 2018