Seminar zum Thema Deradikalisierung und Terrorismusbekämpfung

Oktober 26 Donnerstag


26. – 27. Oktober 2017





Seminar zum Thema Deradikalisierung und Terrorismusbekämpfung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem indonesischen Innenministerium.

Auch verfügbar in English, Bahasa Indonesia

Topic: Policy in developing competence of government apparatus. Speaker: Drs. Teguh Setyabudi, M.Pd – Head of the Training-Center of the MoHA.

Topic: Political Extremism in Germany and Instruments of the State in the Fight against it. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Thomas Grumke, University of Applied Sciences for Public Andministration Nordrhein Westfalen (FHöV NRW).

Topic: Early detection efforts against the threat of terrorism in Indonesia. Speaker: Faizal Thayeb S.I.K, Director of the Counter Terrorism Devision, State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

Topic: Identification of patterns at the internal or external environment that have the potential to become radical practices. Speaker: Brigade General Police Ir. Hamli, ME, Director of the Prevention Devision at the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT).

Topic: Prevention against radicalism through the de-radicalism Approach. Speaker: Brigade General Police Drs. Djoko Mulyono, M.SI., Bureau of Intelligence and Security (Baintelkam).


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