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The 2013 Bundestag elections in Germany

An Election analysis by Dr. Viola Neu

The CDU achieved a particularly good result, its best since 1994. The election results are above all a show of trust in Chancellor Angela Merkel. Since 2005, she has found a way of appealing to voters from all parties and has mobilised their support for the CDU/CSU union. more…

October 25, 2013

Islamic Parties and Democracy in Indonesia

Insights from the World’s largest Muslim Country

Indonesia’s example makes it clear that political Islam in the form of parties based on Islamic values and goals does not automatically equate to radicalism, fanaticism and antidemocratic politics. Islamic parties do have the potential to transform, slowly but surely, into democracy-friendly political actors and assume responsibility in democratic institutions. more…

Philipp Müller, Dr. Jan Woischnik | International Reports | October 14, 2013

KAS starts cooperation with political parties in East-Timor

Political communication for female members of CNRT and PD

In cooperation with „CAUCUS – Women in politics“, a workshop in political communication for female party members took place in Dili from January, 29th to 31st 2013. This represented the beginning of a systematic cooperation between KAS and the two center-right parties, CNRT and the PD. more…

Philipp Müller | Event Reports | February 4, 2013

Country Director of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) to Indonesia and East-Timor meets with president of East-Timor

Future engagement of KAS in East-Timor

Head of the KAS office to Indonesia and East-Timor, Dr. Jan Woischnik was welcomed by East-Timor's president José Maria Vasconcoelos on Tuesday, the 4th of December. They held talks on the future engagement of KAS in East-Timor. more…

Philipp Müller | Event Reports | December 4, 2012

East Timor 2012

Elections in the Tenth Year of Independence

Many people in East Timor approached the election year of 2012 with unease. They feared a new eruption of violence if their country’s fragile stability was once again put to the test. But apart from a few incidents, both the two rounds of the presidential elections and the parliamentary elections passed off peacefully and were properly conducted. The new president is José Maria de Vasconcelos, alias Taur Matan Ruak. The post of prime minister continues to be held by Xanana Gusmão. In the tenth year of its independence East Timor is therefore taking a further step on the road towards democracy. more…

Dr. Jan Woischnik, Philipp Müller | International Reports | September 13, 2012