Students from the Konrad Adenauer division for European Studies at the Ben Gurion University learning about the history of the Sarona colony during a study day in Tel Aviv

Germans in Tel-Aviv - Study Tour for Students

Students of the Konrad Adenauer Division for European Studies at the Ben Gurion University spent a day in Tel-Aviv where they learned about the history of Germans in Tel-Aviv Yaffo starting with a tour about the Templer settlers at the Sarona Colony, continuing with a lecture about German cuisine and finishing with a political briefing at the German Embassy.

May 19th- 24th: Israeli news review (in German)

With our weekly "Wochenspiegel", KAS Israel provides an overview over media highlights in the last week, for our German speaking audience. more…

Rundtisch mit Wolfgang Bosbach MdB in Israel

Round table discussion with MP Wolfgang Bosbach

At an intimate round table event, MP Wolfgang Bosbach gave insights into the political challenges German lawmakers are facing in light of the current refugee crisis in Europe. Bosbach is the longest serving member of the Parlamentary Committee of Interior Affairs.



55 years ago, Konrad Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion laid the foundation for reconciliation between Germany and Israel and for the future in partnership of the two nations. Carrying on the legacy of the late chancellor, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) has been active in Israel for more than 25 years.



“The current threat is now directed against Israel”

Dr. Michael Borchard in an Interview about the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Current Developments in the Middle East. more…

Ambassador Talk with H.E. Dr. Clemens von Goetze

Discussing current political and social questions in the context of German-Israeli relations was the goal of a discussion that took place on the 4th of April in Herzliya. For this occasion, the ambassador of the Federal Republic [...] more…

Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel under the Test of Time and Reality

20-Year Anniversary of the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation

Supporting the dialog between Jewish and Arab Israelis – with this goal in mind, the Konrad Adenauer Institute, in cooperation with the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University, created the [...] more…

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