Rankings and Benchmarking in Higher Education

The 4th International BTC conference took place on Monday June 15 in Jerusalem. The conference dealt with the issue of rankings and benchmarking in higher education. This issue is drawing extensive interest around the world and in Israel in particular, as higher education is increasingly characterized by competition between institutions and national systems. more…

Joint Israeli Palestinian Poll June 2015

Support for the two state solution has decreased among Palestinians and Israelis; today only 51% on each side support it. Meanwhile, each side continues to view the intentions of the other as posing an existential threat. more…

PRL Project 2015

The 30-month PRL Project completed its final workshop with Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian students in Beit Shean last week. What we can say is that our main objective: to create positive change in attitudes towards the “other” among the youth of Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan was met above and beyond our highest expectation. more…



55 years ago, Konrad Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion laid the foundation for reconciliation between Germany and Israel and for the future in partnership of the two nations. Carrying on the legacy of the late chancellor, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) has been active in Israel for more than 25 years.


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June 29

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June 27 - July 3

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Rankings and Benchmarking in Higher Education: Understanding and exploring new perspectives

The BTC's fourth international conference, organized in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenaeur-Stiftung, Israel office, took place on Monday June 15 in Jerusalem. The conference dealt with the issue of rankings and benchmarking in [...] more…

Joint Israeli Palestinian Poll June 2015

In our latest poll, we see a two state solution is becoming a less favorable option as a long-term solution for peace for those affected by the conflict. more…

Irregular Migration in the Mediterranean

11-14 March 2015

Each year, thousands of African refugees try to reach the European mainland. In the majority of cases hunger, grinding poverty and the fear of persecution caused by race, religion or language are the motivations for people [...] more…

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