April 18, 2018
City Planners

City Planners for Shared Spaces in Jerusalem

KAS launches its second year of the "Kollek-Adenauer Program" together with the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. The program aims to assist city planners in Jerusalem to understand the need of positive shared spaces of encounter between Jewish and Arab residents of the city and the ways to create them.

April 12, 2018

Giving Back the Names.

A European Art Memorial

On Tuesday (April 10) The project coordinators from the Stolpersteine Project gave an intimidate presentation at the office of KAS Israel over this unique project. Dr. Anne Thomas and Anna Warda gave a a closer look at the project initiated by the German artist Gunter Demnig. more…

March 29, 2018


Europe-Roundtable with Dr. Ariel Muzikant

KAS Israel welcomes Dr. Ariel Muzikant to discuss the situation of the European Jewish Community who is facing a surge of anti-Semitism associated with the rise of right-wing populists. more…

February 12, 2018
Great Debate mit Hilik Bar und Amir Ohana

The Great Debate

In a cheerful joint event with the TLV International Salon, KAS Israel presented a heated debate about state solutions, peace, foreign relations and catholic marriages (in a political sense), between the MKs Hilik Bar (Avoda) and Amir Ohana (Likud).

January 10, 2018

Ambassador Salon with MFA Director General Yuval Rotem

As part of the KAS Israel and Tel Aviv International Salon Ambassador Series, Foreign Ministry Director General Yuval Rotem discussed with Israeli young professionals about foreign policy issues, the BDS challenge and the role of social media in diplomacy. more…

December 28, 2017

Public Opinion Poll

Citizenship, Identity and Political Participation

New KAS Poll Findings: 60% of the Arab citizens have favorable impression of the State of Israel, Some 50% of the respondents define themselves as Arabs or Palestinians who are citizens of Israel and 11% define themselves as Israelis. more…

December 14, 2017
IDI Conference 6/7 December

Liberal Democracies and their Fight against Terrorism – A New Approach

On the 06th and 07th December, KAS Israel and The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) jointly organized an international workshop. The two day workshop served to present decision makers with practical methods of coping with security challenges facing liberal democracies, while maintaining and strengthening their democratic character.

December 11, 2017
KAS Start-Up-Kolleg in Israel

Young German entrepreneurs visit Israeli tech scene

Ten young German entrepreneurs and fellows of the KAS start-up college came for a visit to Israel in November, in order to explore local conditions and frameworks for founders. Israel hosts the largest number of start-ups per capita in the world and is the global market leader when it comes to R&D investments.

November 16, 2017 - Everything about the EU in Hebrew!

KAS Israel is pleased to be a part of the first Hebrew language website dedicated to the European Union, incorporating information on its politics, history, foreign relations, economy, society and more. more…

November 9, 2017
Architect Martin Haas receives briefing on the challenges of urbanism in Jerusalem by Architect Matti Rosenshine.

Study tour with Architect Martin Haas

Paradigm Change? A New Architecture for 2050

German Architect Martin Haas met with experts and decision makers to discuss how to rethink we cohabit in cities, the daily patterns of life and how we perceive architecture in order to bring people, habitat and the environment in balance.