July 31, 2018
Republican Memorial

City Planners' Workshop for Shared Spaces in Jerusalem

As part of the Kollek-Adenauer-Program and in partnership with Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, KAS-Israel took a group of 13 city and community planners from Jerusalem for a study tour in Belfast, Northern-Ireland. Together we learned about the conflict and solution of power-sharing in the city.

July 23, 2018

2018 Annual Arms Control Conference and Experts Forum

From the 2nd to 3rd July, 2018 the INSS Arms Control and Regional Security Program and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel invited more than 25 high-level experts in the field of arms, arms control, disarmament and international security matters to Israel. more…

July 9, 2018

Job vacancy

KAS Israel is looking for a PART-TIME ACCOUNTANT /OFFICE MANAGER Temporary position for six months starting from August 1, 2018 more…

June 13, 2018

Young Leaders' Seminar in Nicosia

Together with Geneva Initiative and the Palestinian Peace Coalition, KAS organized a group of Israeli and Palestinian young leaders from the political and economic fields to Nicosia, Cyprus, to participate in a 3 days dialogue-seminar about the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the two-state solution. more…

June 7, 2018

Rund table discussion over Iftar Dinner

The Role of Media in Shaping Jewish-Arab Relation in Israel

Jewish and Arab journalists and academics discussed yesterday complex questions regarding the role of the media in shaping societies and politics in the context of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Does the Media supposed to reflect the common views of the public, or is it capable of influencing and changing the reality? more…

June 5, 2018

Gaza on the Edge: The Water and Energy Crisis

The study tour demonstrated the trans-boundary implications of the Gaza water and energy crisis on Israel, proving that nature does not adhere to political boundaries. more…

May 9, 2018
City Planners in Haifa

City Planners' Trip in Haifa

As part of our Kollek-Adenauer Program with Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research and the City Planners' Workshop for Shared Spaces, we took a group of Jerusalem city planners to Haifa for an educational trip about urban renewal, Jewish-Arab shared existence and communal work in the city.

May 2, 2018


On April 27-28, we organized the YOCOPAS seminar at EMIS, where Israeli and Palestinian high-school students attended different workshops about intrastate conflicts in multi-ethnic states, the ways to analyze them and how to implement the analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They also examined methods and tools of conflict resolution and its practicalities on daily lives. more…

April 25, 2018

Ambassador Series with the Tel Aviv Salon

KAS Israel welcomed the head of the EU-delegation to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret to our Ambassador series where he discussed the different fields and aspects of the European-Israeli cooperation. more…

April 18, 2018
City Planners

City Planners for Shared Spaces in Jerusalem

KAS launches its second year of the "Kollek-Adenauer Program" together with the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. The program aims to assist city planners in Jerusalem to understand the need of positive shared spaces of encounter between Jewish and Arab residents of the city and the ways to create them.