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May 31, 2016
Writers Festival 2016: From Tehran to Sderot

Jerusalem Writers Festival 2016

Literature as an Engine for Social Change

The Jerusalem Writers Festival took place on weekend at the Konrad Adenauer Conference Center, Mishkenot Sha’ananim. KAS is part of this important festival since its very beginning hosting panel discussions of socio-political orientation. This year the writers examined the influence of literature on social and political changes.

May 29, 2016
Educators' Circle

Educators' Circle for Peace and Sustainability

On May 28th, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS), conducted an Israeli-Palestinian Educators’ Circle. 25 Teachers from 8 schools in Israel, East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza have taken part in the event and discussed joint methods and projects for peace and sustainability.

May 27, 2016
Students from the Konrad Adenauer division for European Studies at the Ben Gurion University learning about the history of the Sarona colony during a study day in Tel Aviv

Germans in Tel-Aviv - Study Tour for Students

Students of the Konrad Adenauer Division for European Studies at the Ben Gurion University spent a day in Tel-Aviv where they learned about the history of Germans in Tel-Aviv Yaffo starting with a tour about the Templer settlers at the Sarona Colony, continuing with a lecture about German cuisine and finishing with a political briefing at the German Embassy.

May 17, 2016
Rundtisch mit Wolfgang Bosbach MdB in Israel

Round table discussion with MP Wolfgang Bosbach

At an intimate round table event, MP Wolfgang Bosbach gave insights into the political challenges German lawmakers are facing in light of the current refugee crisis in Europe. Bosbach is the longest serving member of the Parlamentary Committee of Interior Affairs.

April 5, 2016

Ambassador Talk with H.E. Dr. Clemens von Goetze

The honorable German Ambassador in Israel, Dr. Clemens von Goetze, opened the doors of his residence for KAS Israel and 50 young Israeli new immigrants to discuss the future of Israeli-German relations. The event was co-hosted by the Tel Aviv International Salon. more…

March 23, 2016

MK Tzipi Livni

Conference marking 20 years of the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation at Tel Aviv University

“The western world, together with Israel, has to unite and partner with the moderate Muslim world against the terrorism of the radical Islam. It is the only way to preserve the values of the free world." Livni spoke at a conference marking 20 years of the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation at TAU. She said that Israel can only keep its character as a Jewish and democratic state if all its citizens will have equal rights. Equality is an integral part of Jewish Values. more…

March 14, 2016

Is Seeing the Same as Understanding? Perspectives on Israel and the Holy Land

Experiencing Israel and Jewish culture, discovering similarities and changing perspective – these were the goals that the scholarship recipients of the Konrad Adenauer Institute (KAS) and the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Student Foundation (ELES) had in mind during their week in Israel. more…

March 14, 2016
סטודנטים בקורס כלכלה חופשית ואחריות חברתית

New Project of KAS at the TAU

Free Market Economy and Social Responsibility

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung together with the Unit for Social Involvement at the Tel Aviv University and the organization "The New Public" initiated a new project for students from various disciplines at the Tel Aviv University entitled "Free Market Economy and Social Responsibility".

March 13, 2016

Start-Up Nation meets Land of Ideas

Which key success factors and frameworks led to Israel's development from an agricultural country to "Start-Up Nation"? And what can Germany learn from Israel in this regard? A delegation of active members of the Cnetz are visiting Israel and look for answers to these questions through dialogue with Israeli experts in the start-up and digitization field. more…

March 13, 2016

KAS Study 2016

A difficult nexus of relationships? A comprehensive view of the USA, Germany, Israel and the Palestinian Territo

With this study, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and its offices in Israel, the US and the Palestinian Territories draw on the success of its examination “the Holy Land and the Germans”, which was presented in January 2015 on the anniversary year of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany. This new survey provides the opportunity to draw on insights from the data which were compiled in December 2014 and to detect new developments on the basis of this. more…