3rd Elections 2013 Update

Arab Politics in Israel and the 19th Knesset Elections

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We are pleased to present the third and final issue of the “Elections 2013 Update” series, which summarizes the recent Knesset election results (January 22) in the Arab sector in Israel. With the publication of this issue, the Konrad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation (KAP) has completed a four month intensive work on the elections in the Arab sector. The KAP has been a long-standing partner of KAS Israel.

In each issue, the KAP strictly followed three major guidelines:

a) to present the readers with new academic and analytical editorials which have not been published elsewhere before, written especially for that purpose by senior Arab and Jewish academics;

b) to bring up-to-date and translated items from the Arabic media in Israel (retrieved from KAP’s Computerized Data Archive) relating to the election campaign in the Arab street; and

c) to provide the readers with useful background data on the elections in the Arab sector, such as vote patterns in past election campaigns and other statistical data pertaining to Knesset elections in Israel.
The “Elections 2013 Update” issues have been distributed electronically to more than 1,000 recipients including: 120 Knesset members; all diplomatic representatives in Israel (embassies and foreign delegations); Arab and Jewish academic and public figures; peer NGOs and research institutions in Israel.

© All rights reserved to the Konrad Adenauer Program of Jewish-Arab Cooperation, Tel Aviv University, 2012. The editorials reflect the opinions of their authors only.


Israel, March 7, 2013

Elections in Israel 2013

Wahlen in Israel 2013 / Elections in Israel 2013