Social Market Economy in South Asia

From May 22nd-26th, the regional SOPAS programme organized a roundtable discussion in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Pathfinder Foundation based in Colombo. Experts from Germany and Sri Lanka exchanged their views on how SMEs within the framework of a Social Market Economy can be fostered in South Asia. more…

Briefing for the Parliamentary Oversight Panel (PKGr)

On April 20th we were pleased to welcome a delegation of the Parliamentary Oversight Panel of the German Bundestag (PKGr) to a roundtable discussion titled “Multi-Dimensional Security Challenges in the region”. Together with international experts the delegation debated issues concerning maritime and cyber security in the Asia-Pacific region. more…

Awe Vortrag

Impressions of 40 Years in Asia

In cooperation with OAG Tokyo Thomas Awe gave a speech about his experiences and thoughts of his work for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Japan, South Korea, China and the Philippines. The audience and Thomas Awe used the chance to discuss his experiences about contemporary Asia and expected future developments.



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Its activities and projects support a proactive approach towards international cooperation and understanding. This website serves to give an overview of the foundation’s activities in Japan.


Previous events

May 22 - 26

Social Market Economy in South Asia

Apr. 20

Multi-Dimensional Secuirty Challenges in the Region

June 15

CSR and the Media in Asia

Apr. 18

Economic Growth and the Role of Women

Implications of the Group of Seven for Gender Equality


Who Killed the Model Family?

Unintended Consequence of Work and Family Policies in Japan

Prof. Keiko Hirao's featured guest contribution offers a in-depth analysis of the demise of the "traditional" Japanese family model and its political implications. Our guest author also outlines contemporary political and [...] more…

Roundtable Discussion with the BAKS

The KAS Japan welcomed the participants of the second "Course for Senior Officials 2016" organized by the Federal Academy for Security Policy in Tokyo. The delegation was introduced to current socio-political trends and [...] more…

A fresh start for Myanmar's economy

In his article “A fresh start for Myanmar's economy” Dr. Detlef Rehn analyses the economic outlook of Myanmar under its new NLD-government. more…

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