International Conference in Manila

Two Sides of a Coin: A Forum on Combating Corruption and Promoting Economic Competitiveness

On 16 July 2014, we will host an international conference in Manila. Please have a look at our draft agenda. more…


Can Asia Unite Around Economic Integration?

On 25 June 2014 we will host the workshop "Can Asia unite around economic integration?" with European Council on Foreign Relations. Please have a look at our draft agenda. more…

Roundtable Discussion

Japan: Economic Outlook – State of Reforms and Implications for the Asian region

Expert Meeting with Prof. Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber more…



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Its activities and projects support a proactive approach towards international cooperation and understanding. This website serves to give an overview of the foundation’s activities in Japan.



The whole world is watching Germany

Former German Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer in interview with

A translation of a phone interview with Klaus Töpfer on the German "Energiewende" ("Die ganze Welt blickt auf Deutschland", 29 July 2013) more…

The Social Market Economy

What does it really mean?

The Social Market Economy is a proven economic and social model that not only provided Germany with its economic miracle after the Second World War, but that also brought the country many years of stability and prosperity. But [...] more…

Europe Cannot Remain What It Is

Lessons from Europe's Debt Crisis: Governmental Union, Fiscal Union and European Civil Religion

The debt crisis has held sway over European politics for almost four years. These turbulent times have seen numerous new agreements at the European level as well as rescue packages for individual countries of the Eurozone. In [...] more…

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