Kas Japan in Kobe

KAS Japan visits the University of Kobe

KAS Japan introduced its work in Germany and Asia to students and professors of the EU Studies Program at the University of Kobe. In lively discussions with the students issues pertaining to the future of the EU especially against the background of upcoming elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany were debated.

Awe Eröffnungsrede Expertengespräch

Cooperation in Science, Technology, and Research

For the first event of the new year KAS Japan invited German and Japanese experts from the fields of science, research, and technology to discuss potential for inter-institutional cooperation.

Roundtable Discussion: “Where are Japan’s foreign relations headed? Reflections on recent developments in North East Asia and the US”

Discussion: The Future of Japanese Foreign Policy

KAS Japan organized a roundtable discussion with members of the diplomatic community in Tokyo as well as Japanese experts on international relations. Possible developments in US-Japanese relations were discussed against the background of ongoing challenges in Asia and the outcome of the US election.



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Its activities and projects support a proactive approach towards international cooperation and understanding. This website serves to give an overview of the foundation’s activities in Japan.


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