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China's AIIB: Competition for Bretton Woods or an opportunity for Asia?

The country report “China’s AIIB: Competition for Bretton Woods or an opportunity for Asia?” analyses and discusses possible geopolitical impacts of the multilateral development bank recently established by China. more…

Patrick Bessler | January 18, 2016

Indonesia: Better infrastructure for more growth

The country report “Indonesia: Better infrastructure for more growth” examines the socio-economic and political aspects of the new “guidelines” implemented by Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo. more…

Dr. Detlef Rehn | January 13, 2016

China's "new Silk road": Focus on Central Asia

The country report “China’s ‘new Silk road’: Focus on Central Asia” highlights China’s foreign economic ambitions in the context of its “One Belt One Road” campaign, which aims at connecting the East and West via extensive development of infrastructure. more…

December 22, 2015

Korea requires structural reforms

The country report "Korea requires structural reforms" highlights structural problems of the Korean economy and describes possible areas of reform through the promotion of a "creative economy". more…

Dr. Detlef Rehn | December 15, 2015

China's economy at a crossroads

The country report "China's economy at a crossroads" of the "EU-ASIA Economic Governance Forum" gives attention to Chinese efforts to realign the economy against the backdrop of a cyclical downturn. more…

Dr. Detlef Rehn | December 8, 2015