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Japan: Abenomics with light and shadow

The country report examines Japan's economic and socio-political development against the backdrop of the realignment of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's "Abenomics". more…

Dr. Detlef Rehn | October 28, 2015

Japan 70 Years on from the End of the War

Balancing Act en Route to a New Security Architecture

The conservative head of government, Shinzo Abe, is due to make a statement in mid-August on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender. Experts worldwide have already been discussing the content of this statement for months. The main question is the wording that will be used to acknowledge Japan’s role in World War II and as a colonial power. more…

Paul Linnarz | International Reports | August 4, 2015

Energy Efficiency - Opportunities for Japan and Europe

Dr. Gerhard Fasol, Eurotechnology Japan KK

This report summarizes the major reasons for the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi nuclear accident and its impact, e.g. the accelerated introduction of renewable energy in Japan via feed-in-tariffs, and electricity market reform and liberalization. This report also introduces opportunities for cooperation, joint business, investments and acquisitions between Europe and Japan in the field of energy, electricity generation, efficient use of energy, and proper management of the risks associated with energy - there are many more opportunities for cooperation between Japan and Europe, beyond this report. more…

February 6, 2015

Combating Corruption - Implications of the G20 Action Plan for the Asia-Pacific Region

Nepotism, Bribery, Patronage, Collusion… The list of categories in the murky sphere of corruption appears to be a bottomless pit. The obstinate prevalence of corruption has, for the longest time, been one of the most perturbing thorns in the flesh of nation states all around the globe. Especially in Asia, large parts of both the public and private sector are riddled with corrupt practices, gravely undermining efforts to expedite the conduct of ‘good governance’. more…

December 25, 2014

Climate Report 2014

Energy security and climate chance worldwide

Over the past few years, energy policy has increasingly become the focus of discussions on climate change. Within those debates, opinions on using energy from fossil fuels and renewable energies differ widely. This publication is the product of numerous contributions from the foreign offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. They provide an overview of national perceptions of energy and climate change in the selected countries. more…

Dr. Christian Hübner, Franziska Fabritius, Jan Wilhelm Ahmling, Bernd Althusmann, Dr. Marco Arndt, Dr. Canan Atilgan, Hans-Hartwig Blomeier, Dr. Werner Böhler, Henri Bohnet, Christopher Braemer, Stephan Brandenburger, Rabea Brauer, Jänis Brizga, Silvia Bruno, Jeffrey Calderon, Lou Chen, Claudia Crawford, Margarita Cuervo, Anja Czymmeck, Felix Dane, Iakovos Dimitriou, Holger Dix, Dr. Colin Dürkop, Aziz El Aidi, Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Alena Falathova, Irene Fornari, Evelyn Gaiser, Pedro Gamio Aita, Hubert Gehring, Dr. Ute Gierczynski-Bocandé, Janina Grimm-Huber, Holger Haibach, Dr. Lars Hänsel, Mareen Haring, Maximilian Hedrich, Dr. Peter Hefele, Amos Helms, Dr. Hans Maria Heyn, Dirk Hoffmann, Simone Hüser, Graciela Incer Brenes, Dr. Iur. Barbara Janusz-pawletta, Nihat Karagöz, Iris Karanja, Dilpreet Kaur, Dr. Angelika Klein, Dr. Peter Köppinger, Maria Kottari, Steffen Krüger, Adriaan Kühn, Michelle Kunz, Dr. Thomas Kunze, Dr. Michael A. Lange, Jürgen Langen, Paul Linnarz, Eva Majewski, Anita Šakić, Otmar Oehring, Dr. Hardy Ostry, Katja Christina Plate, Dr. Helmut Reifeld, Stefan Reith, Johannes D. Rey, Marie-Christine Roux, Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †, Denis Schrey, Annette Schwarzbauer, Hans Siglbauer, Frank Spengler, Ruslan Stefanov, Ilona-Margarita Stettner, Henning Suhr, Granit Ternava, Vu Dang Tuan, Susanna Vogt, Kristina von Knobelsdorff, Norbert Wagner, Winfried Weck, Dra. Kristin Wesemann, Dr. Gidon Windecker, Michael Winzer, Dr. Jan Woischnik, Artan Zeka, Kathrin Zeller, Simon Kurz | August 26, 2014