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Development and Social Security in Asia

The future of effective social security systems in Asia depends on economic development. Following an increase in labour productivity and domestic consumption a financially strong middle class may evolve and income disparities may be overcome. Therefore, an economic policy requires a stronger focus on quality and sustainability. more…

Paul Linnarz | International Reports | July 25, 2014

The whole world is watching Germany

Former German Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer in interview with

A translation of a phone interview with Klaus Töpfer on the German "Energiewende" ("Die ganze Welt blickt auf Deutschland", 29 July 2013) more…

March 6, 2014

The Social Market Economy

What does it really mean?

The Social Market Economy is a proven economic and social model that not only provided Germany with its economic miracle after the Second World War, but that also brought the country many years of stability and prosperity. But despite its merits, many people find it difficult to describe what is really meant by the term "Social Market Economy". This publication seeks to change this by introducing and explaining in greater depth the key principles of the German economic system. more…

December 19, 2013

Europe Cannot Remain What It Is

Lessons from Europe's Debt Crisis: Governmental Union, Fiscal Union and European Civil Religion

The debt crisis has held sway over European politics for almost four years. These turbulent times have seen numerous new agreements at the European level as well as rescue packages for individual countries of the Eurozone. In such a time of fundamental change, it can be helpful to adopt the viewpoint of an onlooker. Thus, Helena Wöhl Coelho and Matthias Schäfer put 55 questions on the European crisis to the academic Roland Benedikter, a renowned expert of European affairs. You can read his answers in this publication. more…

November 28, 2013

Plan E

on the road to renewables

In Germany the switch to renewables is decided. The objective of German energy policy is thus clear; but the road to renewables is a long and bumpy one. In Hamburg eleven young journalists met people from all strands of society, who helped them to apprehend the multifaceted aspects of the switch to renewables. Their impressions are recorded in this magazine, which you can read, view, and listen to on Plan E is the result of a ten-day interdisciplinary educational project run by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s academy for young journalists, JONA. more…

November 14, 2013