MP Thorsten Frei meeting H.E. Ms. Hala Lattouf

Visit of German MP Thorsten Frei

KAS Jordan Office hosted German MP Thorsten Frei, deputy chairman of the CDU Baden-Wuerttemberg and the spokesman for the Subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Management and Integrated Action. During his visit he had meetings with H.E. Mrs. Hala Lattouf, Minister of MoSD, H.E. Dr. Mary Kawar, Minister of MoPIC.

At the dinner reception with German parliamentarians.

Fostering German-Jordanian Relations

The KAS Jordan Office welcomed 6 German parliamentarians from the “Junge Gruppe” of the CDU/CSU to a dinner reception on Saturday. The keynote speech was given by H.E. Basma Ishaqat, President of the National Aid Fund. Jordanian actors from politics and civil society were also in attendance in order to foster German-Jordanian relations.

Protest and Government Change


As a reaction to the amended Income Tax Draft Law that was meant to address the kingdom’s serious debt and fiscal deficit by increasing revenue through taxes the Jordanians began with a nationwide strike. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hani Mulki had to resign from office. more…



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