Young Journalists’ Academy II

Training with Jordanians and Syrian Refugees

February 11 Sunday


February 11 - 15, 2018


Amman, Jordan



KAS Jordan Office holds a Young Journalists’ Academy in Amman, in which Jordanian and Syrian journalists team up to conduct research about current social issues related to the hosting of refugees in Jordan.

Also available in Deutsch

Different perspectives—from the point of view of the refugees themselves and the host country, Jordan—will be examined.

International journalists’ academies, including cross-border participation, have proven to be an excellent tool for cultural and religious exchange and the promotion of press freedom. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation has been organizing such events through its offices across the world for some time.

A successful Journalists’ Academy was already conducted by KAS Jordan Office last year. This year, a Young Journalists’ Academy will take place in Amman between the 11th and the 15th of February 2018, in which eight Jordanian and Syrian journalists will team up to conduct research about current social issues.

The participants will plan their topics, conduct research and interview partners in intercultural teams of two. Each journalist will write her or his own article about their findings which will be published in a multimedia-based, bilingual blog.

Contact person

Dr. Annette Ranko

Resident Representative Jordan

Dr. Annette Ranko
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Imke Haase

Research Fellow, Project Manager

Imke Haase
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