Policy Development Skills

July 21 Saturday


July 21 - 22, 2018


Amman, Jordan



In order to strengthen the position of youth in Political parties and to increase their participation in the public and political fields and become more politically involved.

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KAS Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies is organizing a two days’ workshop for 30 youth participants. The workshop will take place in Amman, on the 21st and 22nd of July 2018. The Workshop will focus on: - Enhancing youth’s abilities to submit proposals and policies to the party leadership. - Strengthening youth’s abilities to formulate political statements and policies to become more politically involved and to reach leading positions. - Strengthening the pragmatic stances of Youth.

Contact person

Dr. Annette Ranko

Resident Representative Jordan | Acting Head of Gulf States Programme

Dr. Annette Ranko
Phone +962 6 592 97 77
Fax +962 6 593 30 87
Languages: Deutsch,‎ English,‎ Français,‎ عربي

Hala Abu Ghazaleh

Project Manager

Hala Abu Ghazaleh
Phone +962 6 592 2 431
Fax +962 6 59 33 087
Languages: English,‎ عربي