Young Journalists’ Academy

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KAS has been organizing intercultural Journalists’ Academies since 2005, and has developed them into a model of success worldwide. In 2007 the first course in Amman took place, followed by a German-Jordanian academy in 2017 and an academy for young journalists from Jordan and Syria. The recent academies are the starting point for a new focus for KAS Jordan Office: the work with the media, be it print, television or social media, will be intensified in the coming years. The promotion of young journalists in the country is particularly important to us. We would therefore like to contribute to a differentiated and high-quality reporting in the region and to recognize the important role of the media as a ‘fourth power’.

See here the film on “AmmanBerlin: German-Jordanian Journalists` Academy” (08 to 15 October 2017):

The participants of the German-Jordanian Journalists' Academy (2017).

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