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Countering Radicalization among Jordan’s Youth

KAS Jordan Office in cooperation with MEMPSI and youth centres in Zarqa, Tafileh and Irbid organised workshops on radicalization for 109 young people aged 15 to 26. The major goal of the project is to raise awareness about the definition of extremism, what it can lead to and how it can be combatted, thereby following a thought-provoking approach rather than merely circulating information. more…

Event Reports | October 15, 2016

Book Launch: “The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: A Religious-Political Crisis in the National Context,”

In the framework of KAS Jordan Office’s policy to support objective and neutral research and publications, a new Arabic-language publication has been launched entitled, “The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: A Religious-Political Crisis in the National Context.” The book addresses the religious-political crisis that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Association faces, especially following the uprisings of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. The occasion was also a farewell reception for the outgoing KAS Jordan Office Resident Representative, Dr. Otmar Oehring. more…

July 28, 2016

Improvement of Sustainable Development Conditions in the Jordan Valley

In Jordan, one of the most arid countries in the world, droughts, heat waves, lack of rain and water scarcity are not new phenomena and the impacts of climate change are further exacerbating the problem. At the same time, the country is facing diverse economic problems. It is therefore crucial for the economic and environmental development of the country and the future of its next generations to promote a sustainable agriculture, which constitutes a main economic sector in Jordan. more…

Otmar Oehring, Imke Haase | Event Reports | February 24, 2016

The Jordanian Economy in a Strained Regional Climate

As the crises in Syria and Iraq erupted and borders have been shut down, Jordan has lost two important import-export markets. Also transit trade, connecting Lebanon and Turkey to GCC markets, has suffered significantly. In order to discuss the social and economic impacts of the crises and to identify alternatives and opportunities, KAS Jordan Office in cooperation with al-Quds Center for Political Studies organized a workshop on the 14th of November in Amman. more…

Imke Haase, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | January 27, 2016

“Combining forces to tackle the crisis“


As a result of the three-day symposium “Refugee Crisis Without Borders”, jointly organised by Regional Office Gulf States and Jordan Office, political analysts and representatives of humanitarian organisations developed the following policy recommendations to European decision-makers. more…

Imke Haase, Peter Sendrowicz, Sebastian Pfülb | Event Reports | December 17, 2015