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The Situation of Syrian refugees in Jordan


The conflict in Syria is in its fifth year and no political or diplomatic breakthrough seems to be in sight. More than 4.086.760 people have already fled the country and with the war further escalating, more and more are pushed to seek refuge - mainly in the countries neighboring Syria. Globally one in five refugees is Syrian and until a durable peace settlement has been negotiated, the numbers of Syrian refugees worldwide will further rise. more…

Country Reports | November 2, 2015

Development of media skills of the employees of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs

On August 10 – October 12, 2015, Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Amman-Jordan and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Amman Office held a workshop entitled "Development of media skills of the employees of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs" more…

Afaf Maraqa, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | November 1, 2015

On the Situation of Christians in Syria and Iraq

The exodus of Christians in the Middle East is not a new phenomenon. However, in Syria and Iraq things could even get worse. Pacification of the ongoing conflicts in the two countries is the only hope for the remaining Cristian population. If the exodus continues, it could lead to an isolation of moderate forces and a strengthening of radical Islamists. more…

Otmar Oehring | International Reports | July 8, 2015

School Curricula and Textbooks

The Forth workshop of the " Nisan Center Forum for Policy Dialogue", a program supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation was held on June 16, 2015 in Amman – at Jerusalem Hotel with the participation of about 65 people, as well as a the former Prime Minister Mr. Marouf Al-Bakhit , uni-versity professors, teachers, religious fig-ures, political parties interested people & activists in this field. more…

Afaf Maraqa, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | June 16, 2015

“Youth Economic Empowerment in Light of Syrian Refugee Influx”.

The book addresses various topics related to the Jordanian and Syrian youth, including the role of the private, civil society and municipal sectors as well as the media in promoting economic competitiveness for the youth and their desired role to support economic opportunities for the youth. more…

June 1, 2015