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“Youth Economic Empowerment in Light of Syrian Refugee Influx”.

The book addresses various topics related to the Jordanian and Syrian youth, including the role of the private, civil society and municipal sectors as well as the media in promoting economic competitiveness for the youth and their desired role to support economic opportunities for the youth. more…

June 1, 2015

Religious Field Reform

The Third workshop of the "Nisan Center Forum for Policy Dialogue", a program supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation was held on May 30. 2015 in Amman – at Jerusalem Hotel with the participation of about 50 people, as well as a the former Prime Minister Mr. Taher Al-Masri, A number of social & political activists, representatives of political parties In addition to specialist and clerics concerned in this field. more…

Otmar Oehring, Afaf Maraqa | Event Reports | May 30, 2015

The Social, Cultural and Economic Impacts of Syrian Refugees on the Governorate of Maan

An analytical field study

A study about “the social, cultural and economic impacts of Syrian refugees on the governorate Maan” was issued by KAS Jordan in collaboration with Al Hussein University’s Studies, Consultations and Community Development Center. After the study of the socio-economic impact of Syrian refugees in Jordan, which was issued by KAS in cooperation with ISSNAAD in mid 2014, the idea came to do a similar study narrowed down to the governorate level. more…

May 21, 2015


In April 2015, KAS Jordan Office organized in collaboration with Mossawah Center for Civil Society Development a seminar entitled: "The Role of Municipal Councils in Local Community Development" in Ajloun, Jerash and Amman. 50-60 participants discussed the role of municipalities in local development and studied the participatory relationship between municipalities, youth and civil society organizations. more…

Otmar Oehring, Muna Sukhni | Event Reports | May 18, 2015

Debate between the Popular Movement (Hirak) and the Government

The second workshop of the "Nisan Center Forum for Policy Dialogue", a program supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation was held on the 16.05.2015 in Amman, at Nisan Center, with the participation of about 40 people, as well as a the Minister of Political & Parliamentary Affairs/ Dr. Khaled Al- Kalaldeh/, and a number of social & political activists and representatives of political parties, in addition to trade unions representatives. more…

Afaf Maraqa, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | May 16, 2015