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“Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan”

On 1st February 2014 KAS Jordan and Action on Societal Violence - KAFA hosted the publication of the “Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan”. The youth initiative is the result of a workshop in 2013 developing a strategy to combat societal violence that was organised by KAS and KAFA. The strategy will last for the years 2014 – 2015 and will be implemented by youth groups who aim at decreasing societal violence in Jordan. more…

Otmar Oehring, Imke Haase | Event Reports | March 15, 2014

The Socio-Economic Implications of Syrian Refugees on the Jordanian Economy – A Cost-Benefit Framework

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war Jordan has opened its borders to approximately 600.000 refugees which has had a tremendous impact on Jordan’s infrastructure, resources, and the labor market. Issnaad Consulting and KAS organized a workshop on 18th February 2014 to present the preliminary results of a study on the socio-economic implications of the Syrian refugees on the Jordanian economy and to further discuss the impacts in practice with national and international representatives. more…

Simone Hüser, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | March 9, 2014

Economic Empowerment for Iraqi Women and Youth

Women involvement and representation in executive positions within the Iraqi public and private sphere is substantially low, barely covered by the media and neither touched upon by public dialogue. In this context, KAS Amman and the Women Empowerment Organization organized a conference on the 5th and 6th of October 2013 in Erbil to discuss the obstacles women and youth are confronted with in the process of acquiring considerable economic competences. more…

Event Reports | February 5, 2014

Europe, the Levant and the Gulf States – Chances for Triangular Cooperation

Reconsidering Strategic Interests in the Middle East

Shortly before Christmas, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited academics, experts and decision-makers from the three regions to discuss the current priority issues of the Middle East during a multiday symposium, held at the Dead Sea, Jordan. more…

Peter Sendrowicz, Simone Hüser, Dr. Gidon Windecker | Event Reports | December 18, 2013

“Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan"

The Workshop on “Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan” was organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Action on Societal Violence- KAFA. It was attended by around 45 young men and women from nine governorates of Jordan. more…

Afaf Maraqa, Otmar Oehring | Event Reports | December 17, 2013