Workshop Organization of a Political Youth Movement

A workshop about the organization of a political youth movement took part on the 22nd of April in Phnom Penh. It was focused on the exchange of political experience in the German youth movement JU and the Cambodian CNRP Youth Movement. For further information click here more…

2nd Edition Special Newsletter

The following Newsletter presents an overview of recent developments of the Electoral Reform Talks of the bipartisan Electoral Reform Commission. more…

Newsletter, 52nd Edition [March 2014]

The following articles are a composition of last two weeks’ (01.03.2014–14.03.2014) press releases in Cambodia. They give a review on current developments in the country. more…



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German political foundation working world wide to promote Democracy, the Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Social Market Economy. KAS is named after Konrad Adenauer (1876 – 1967), the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Apr. 29 - May 1

‘Appropriate Expropriation’?

Securing Land and Property Rights in South-east Asia

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Development of Cambodian Administrative Law

In Cambodia significant laws have been developed since 1993 but some building stones of a strong building called ‘rule of law’ are still missing. Whereas comprehensive legislation has been adopted in the fields of civil law and [...] more…

Parliamentary Elections 2013 and the Development of the Political Parties in Cambodia

On 28 July the Cambodian Minister of Information announced the preliminary election result: “Cambodian People’s Party (CPP): 68 seats, Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP): 55 seats, no change” came one hour after CNRP, the [...] more…

Advisory Papers on Political Party Development - Volume I

Guidelines for Life and Work of Local Organisations of Political Parties

Political parties in every society are important actors in the democratic development of a country. They build the link between citizens and the government and aggregate different interests in a society. To support political [...] more…

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