Developing a Satute on Solid Waste Management in Battambang

KAS, NLC, City of Battambang, COMPED

February 13 Monday


February 13, 2017





The workshop, co-organized by KAS, NLC, COMPED and the City Hall of Battambang, will address the complex topic of waste management and functions as a kick off event for drafting a waste statute.

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Solid Waste Management cannot be taken for granted. While in Germany most people do hardly spare a thought on the topic, Cambodia still struggles with the process of establishing the appropriate structures in order to deal with environmental, health related and economic issues associated with insufficient waste management.

In Battambang the launching event for the Development of a Statute (Deika) on Solid Waste Management will take place on Monday 13th of February. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, NLC, Comped Ngo and the Citiy Administration of Battambang invited all major stakeholders from municipality, private sector and civil society to jointly analyze the key challenges for a more comprehensive solid waste management system and discuss the way forward to develop a deika.

As part of the decentralization process in Cambodia, one of the key concerns for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, KAS supports the efforts of the city of Battambang in order to improve the city’s waste management capacity.

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