KAS Study and Dialogue Program for Spokespeople and Journalists


March 26 Sunday


March 26 - April 1 2017




Study and Information Program

The KAS Study and Dialogue Program for Spokespeople and Journalists from Cambodia will bring 8 government, opposition and media representatives to Berlin, where they will learn about the German way of Political Communication.

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How Government, Parliament and Media organize themselves and how they work together to inform the public will be studied through a series of meetings with spokespeople of ministries and parliament. The delegation will meet CDU (ruling party) and Green Party (opposition party) PR experts as well as spokespersons of the provinces in the capital of Berlin - to see how the provinces of Germany represent themselves and organize their communication.

Furthermore, the delegation will visit the German Federation of Journalists representing the interests of journalists in dialogue with government, look at news room organization and will have the opportunity to attend a press conference of the German government.

The Dialogue Program shall provide an opportunity to reflect on the cooperation between state/political institutions and the media in Cambodia and provide new ideas on how to improve these relations.

Contact person

René Gradwohl

Head of Kas office in Cambodia

René Gradwohl
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