Cambodia’s Energy Transition: Introduction of a Policy Paper

March 14 Wednesday


March 14, 2018, 9.00 - 12.15


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Dr Daniel Schmücking, KAS Cambodia; Dr Peter Hefele, KAS RECAP; Dr Heng Pheakdey, Enrich Institute; Prof Souvachana Pou, CICP; Brian Eyler, Stimson Center



Today's energy mix in Cambodia mostly consists of fossil fuels. But how can Cambodia's future energy supply, based on sustainable renewable energy, be designed? Which role does Cambodia play in the whole region of Southeast Asia?

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Cambodia's energy mix consists for over 50% of imported energy, mostly primary petroleum products, coal and electricity. As the worldwide accessibility to a low-carbon energy transition rises, due to low cost and universal availability of renewable energy installation such as PV, the topic also gained importance in Cambodia.

KAS RECAP, together with the Cambodian think tank Enrich Institute, examined the challenges in the field of Cambodia’s energy transition during the “Cambodia’s Energy Transition Research Project”.

The study “Addressing Cambodia’s Regulatory Gaps for a Sustainable Energy Transition” critically examines the legal and economic general framework. Furthermore, it determines the influence of several stakeholders and questions, what remodelling the Cambodian energy system means to its neighbouring countries. Dr Peter Hefele, Director of KAS RECAP and Dr Heng Pheakdey, Chairman of the Enrich Institute, are going to introduce the study, followed by Comments of Prof Souvachana Pou, Director of Research and Publication at CICP, and Mr Brian Eyler, Director of the Stimson Center’s Southeast Asia program.

The event addresses experts from energy economy, energy administration and NGOs.

The paper can be found here


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