KAS Sur-Place-Scholarship

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An important aim of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is the support of young, talented students. KAS wants to prepare them for meaningful work, taking responsibilities in politics and business, science and media, culture and civil-society organizations. Supporting involved and passionate students is an important investment in the future for KAS. KAS Cambodia assigns scholarships for Cambodian students and young talents since its foundation. With the Sur-Place-Scholarship KAS wants to give the opportunity to fully concentrate on their studies, and furthermore, motivate them to get involved in social and political volunteering.

Requirements for the Scholarship

  • Cambodian Citizenship
  • Socio-political engagement
  • Advanced stage of studies (2nd year or higher)
  • Outstanding study results (GPA over 3.0)
  • Good command of English or German (Level B1 or higher)
  • Interest in participation at KAS workshops and KAS events

Students from social-science including politics, law, economics, International Relations, administration, history, journalism, philosophy, or religion are preferred. Students who study technics or medicine can only enroll to the scholarship in special cases.

The Scholarship includes

  • Amount: USD 250 Monthly Stipends
  • Duration: One year (12 months)
  • Idealistic support, including seminars, conferences, and the opportunity of internships

Deadline: June 30th, 2019

How to apply?

Send us the following documents:

  • CV (2-page maximum)
  • Meaningful letter of motivation (1 page)

Further information on the necessary application documents can be found in the Sur-Place Scholarship Guideline.

The Scholarship Contact Person: Lim Heang Heng via Phone: +855 23 966 176 or e-mail: Limheang.Heng@kas.de

Contact person

Limheang Heng

Assistant to Country Representative

Limheang Heng
Phone +855 23 966 176
Languages: English