National Elections in Cambodia

Hun Sen remains Prime Minister

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On 29 July, Cambodia held elections for its sixth National Assembly (NA). Ac-cording to preliminary election results, the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) claims to have bettered all its rivals by winning every seat in Parliament and securing Hun Sen as Prime Minister.

With this result, Prime Minister Hun Sen has extended his 33-year term in office with the best election result by the CPP since the first democratic elec-tions were held in 1993. Prime Minister Hun Sen thus remains the world’s long-est-serving Head of government. The election outcome was not entirely sur-prising given that the largest opposi-tion party, the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), had been dis-solved under dubious accusations by the Supreme Court in 2017. With the de facto abolition of critical media, the CPP’s significant competitive ad-vantage in the election campaign, and political pressure against the opposi-tion and voters, there can be no talk of free and fair elections. This country re-port presents the political situation pri-or to the elections as well as the elec-tion outcome and analyzes the elec-tion’s implications for the future devel-opment of Cambodia.


Daniel Schmücking, Robert Hör

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Cambodia, August 2, 2018