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Report about the upcoming Parliamentary Elections 2013

In the run-up to the parliamentary elections in July 2013 KAS Cambodia analyzes in this country report the current states of mind of the different political parties. Ongoing accusations of manipulation against the ruling party, inequal conditions for campaigning, and discrepancies in the registration of voters brings up the question whether the elections will be fair and free. (The publication is only available in german.) more…

Denis Schrey | Country Reports | April 12, 2013

Source Book for Political Parties on Energy, Environment and Climate Change

To improve political parties’ knowledge on energy, environment and climate change, KAS Office in Cambodia has developed this first Thematic Sourcebook to improve political parties understanding on environmental and energy challenges in Cambodia, the region and the world. It aims to help parties understand the relevance of developing a platform and positions on these issues, based on the identification of local environmental and energy challenges and to provide examples of effective communication relating to political party positions and programs on environment and energy. more…

Denis Schrey | January 22, 2013

Baseline Study: Rule of Law in ASEAN

Presentation of the Baseline Study

The report of the half day discussion on the findings of the Baseline Study "Rule of Law in ASEAN" is now online. more…

Event Reports | August 17, 2012

Introduction to Cambodian Law

New KAS Publication: "Introduction to Cambodian Law" more…

May 21, 2012

Prospects for the Establishment of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB)

More than 40 Cambodians and international experts came together to discuss perspectives on promoting independent media in Cambodia at the forum on ”Prospects for the Establishment of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB)” in Phnom Penh at the 18th of January 2012, organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The event contribution sums up the findings and recommendations with regard to the establishment of PBS in Cambodia outlined during the forum. more…

Event Reports | March 27, 2012