KAS Kazakhstan as Office of the Month September of the Team Asia and Pacific

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The foreign office in Kazakhstan of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS) was in September the “office of the month” of the KAS Team Asia and Pacific. In this context the central Facebook page of the region published a self-made clip of the foreign office in Astana, in which it presents its environment, its work and the local team.

A focus was laid upon the different roles within the team Kazakhstan, the intended targets for national development and the traditionally conducted scholarship program. With its contribution the office in Astana lines up with the previous creative video projects of other countries, for example of the foreign offices on the Philippines, in Cambodia or Mongolia. Additionally, the KAS office Kazakhstan used the video’s publication as the starting point for its own Facebook page, where in the future there will be information about upcoming events, interesting publications and current developments.

The new Facebook page of the KAS foreign office in Kazakhstan can be found under: facebook.com/kasburoastana

The Facebook page of the KAS team Asia and Pacific can be found under: facebook.com/kas.asia

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Kasachstan, September 27, 2016