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On 13th of July, a round table was held at the city of Temirtau, organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Office in Astana in cooperation with JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau and Kazakhstan’s renewable energy Association. Energy was the main topic of the round table: ’REDUCTION OF CLIMATE POLLUTION AND INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY IN THE FIELD OF COAL USAGE’. During the whole session of the round table, guests and participants were presenting their reports and were actively engaged in discussions.

Dr. Hans-Wolf von Koeller, director for Energy Policy and Management Plenipotentiary of STEAG Ltd. in Berlin and in Brussels, took the floor with his report, mentioning the activity of LLP STEAG, and providing a deep analysis of Coal Energy – productivity and prospects for safe use of coal for the environment. Vadim Bassin, Executive Director of Arcelormittal Temirtau, during his welcome speech talked about the role of Karaganda region and, in particular, that of AreclorMittal Temirtau in developing the country’s economy, also acknowledging the fact that this chosen path inevitably harms the environment. Thomas Helm, Head of the Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kazakhstan, also presented Germany’s projects in the framework of cooperation between the two countries, aimed at helping Kazakhstan in its economic transformation, taking into account the mistakes that Germany has made in its own development. Dr. Peter Hefele, Director of RECAP of KAS in Hong-Kong, talked about the perspectives of coal use in Asia. He further emphasized the importance of consideration of not only theoretical part of reformation, but also arising practical problems, such as economic diversification of industrial cities that are almost fully dependent on large industrial units. Arman Kashkinbekov, Chairman of the Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan, likewise, talked about the perspectives of coal use in Kazakhstan. Sergei Morozov from JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau, took the floor with his report about the use of methane on the enterprise’s mines.

As part of the event, guests and participants were invited for an excursion to one of the factories of JSC ArcellorMittal Temirtau and to Karagandy CHPP. We are sincerely grateful for such a splendidly organized event. According to some of the guests sharing their impressions, enterprise workers stood out a mile with their high professionalism and preparedness and their dedication to the factory. However, the conditions of the CHPP and the factory, due to the fact that they were built several decades ago, gave the impression of the need for not just reforms and transformation of the Coal Energy as a whole, but also for simple modernization of enterprise facilities.

In the discussion after the visit of the facilities, the problems arising in the transformation of the economy and energy were discussed, as well as the prospects for further cooperation, both between countries and between organizations.

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Kasachstan, July 13, 2017