National Youth Forum on Devolution on 25th of Saptember 2014 - Members of the Panel

25th of September 2014

Enhancing Youth Leadership

A National Youth Forum on Devolution was held yesterday in Nairobi. Youth delegates from all 47 Countries were present engaging politicians and other stakeholders in intense discussions.

Consultative Meeting of the Kenya Young Parliamentarian Association (KYPA) in Cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

In Cooperation with KYPA and the Youth agenda Kenya a consultative forum was organized to discuss the challenges the youth is facing in Kenya in correlation with the strategic plan KYPA has developed. more…

New KAS Office in Nairobi

Kindly note that our offices have moved. The postal address will remain the same. more…



to the homepage of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Kenya. The work of KAS in Kenya is guided by the understanding that dempocracy and rule of law are mandatory for a peaceful future in Kenya. By carrying out activities for political leaders and members of the civil society, we encourage participants to engage in the political process.



Oct. 1 - 2

Land Ownership Legislation

How can politicians at the county level effectively enforce citizens’ rights?

Oct. 13 - 14

Compliance with the Principles of Rule of Law and Accountability

Oct. 15

Duties, Rights and Obligations of Members of Parliament, Governors and Senators

Oct. 16

Citizens’ Rights and Duties as Enshrined in the Constitution

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Ensuring devolution delivers for business through advocacy and coalition building in pursuit of business interest

22th-23rd of August 2014 in Nakuru

With the concept of devolution firmly enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010,the private sector reckons the urgent need for reorganizing its advocacy approach to ensure that devolution works for the business environment. The [...] more…

Land Ownership Legislation: How Can Politicians at the County Level Enforce Citizens’ Rights in Bungoma County

28th to 29th of August 2014

The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA), a lead Civil Society Organization in the land sector was engaged by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) to facilitate a two-day workshop on land laws for the members of Bungoma County Assembly and key [...] more…

Promoting Compliance with the principles of the rule of law and accountability for Siaya County

15th -16th May 2014

This workshop was organised to establish partnerships between the county government of Siaya and the people in their organized institutions and groups to pursue accountability and respect for the rule of law for the greater good [...] more…

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