Kriegler & Waki Report on 2007 Elections

Summarised Version Revised Edition 2009

Also available in Deutsch

Kenya has been a political cross road ever since the close of the 2007 general elections. The brokered settlement or the National Accord process laid out a series of 'must dos. The 'must dos' included the setting up of commissions to investigate, examine and recommend on circumstances that surround the post election violence and to further scrutinize the country's electoral process with a view of initiating and guiding electoral reforms to avoid future electoral chaos. In line with the Accord, the commissions came out with brave and damning revelations.

The Independent Review Commission (IREC) investigated all aspects of the 2007 presidential elections and made findings and recommendations to improve the electoral process. On the other hand, the Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence (CIPEV) would investigate the facts and surrounding circumstances related to the violence that followed the elections and made recommendations to prevent any recurrence of the violence in future. Subsequent to the two commission’s work which effectively ended by the end of October 2008, each commission presented elaborate findings and recommendations. However, given the nature of reports running into hundreds of pages, Dialogue Africa Foundation in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation has chosen to step down the reports to reader friendly sizes. In this handbook, the reports have been summarised, sometimes with verbatim excerpts to facilitate quick reads and to help the public engage meaningfully in current raging debates about the reports.


Kenya, April 1, 2009