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Voter Bribery as an Election Malpractice in Kenya

A Survey Report, December 2016

In 2016, KAS Kenia country program partnered with the Centre for Multi-party Democracy (CMD).The partnership gave rise to a program that has now been conducted in 10 counties across the country with a strong message on the well-known issue of voter bribery in Kenya. Together, KAS and CMD provided a platform for debates engaging mainly political party youths, key influencers and political aspirants to air their views regarding the matter. These vibrant debates became the basis for conducting this survey, which we believe is the first of its nature in Kenya. more…

February 24, 2017

Kenya: The current drought situation in Baringo

Baringo County has always been prone to drought. In August 2016, a formal early warning declaration was issued by inter-national organizations predicting that counties in northern Kenya will be affected by prolonged episodes of drought. Two Months later, approximately 24,000 people face acute starvation. The severity of the drought is likely to increase immediately after May 2017, if the amount of rain received stays below average. But why do we witness a looming crisis when the system sounds effective enough to assist in early planning and response? more…

Country Reports | February 20, 2017

Food Security Mapping and Analysis Report

In the mid year of 2016, KAS Kenya commissioned the food security stakeholder mapping study that extensively identified and outlined functions of existing policies and institutions charged with ensuring food security in Baringo and West Pokot counties of Kenya. Findings of the study indicated that the two target counties were generally food insecure with the existing strategies applied by state and non-state actors being fairly effective, efficient and sustainable in averting food insecurity and disasters such as drought. more…

Country Reports | February 7, 2017


Within the Months of April, May and June 2016, KAS with her partners conducted an Early Warning system analysis and a food security mapping and analysis study in West Pokot and Baringo Counties with the aim of identifying policy issues, actors, structures, and policies among others in the field of food security. more…

Event Reports | October 10, 2016

Capacity Building of West Pokot and Baringo County administrators on integrated-food-security-programming

Understanding strategies for disaster management, drought and famine early warning and food and nutrition security for improved crisis prevention and county planning. more…

Event Reports | August 11, 2016