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May 1, 2015
Expertengespräch Marineakademie der Republik Korea

German-Korean Security Dialogue

Overwhelming Interest in Western Maritime Security Strategies

Around 500 members of the Korean Naval Academy in Jinhae participated in the presentation on "Maritime Security Strategies of the EU and NATO: a Comparison", given by the former Inspector of the German Navy, Vice Admiral (ret.) Lutz Feldt, on May 1. KAS Korea cooperated for the first time with the Academy in connection with the German-Korean Security Dialogue initiated by the Foundation already in 2011. This year five events of the KAS "Theme Week Security" attracted more than 800 people.

March 5, 2015

New Issue of KAS Korea Journal

CSR in Korea: State and Perspectives

A new issue of the KAS Journal on Contemporary Korean Affairs was published in the beginning of March 2015. This time five authors from civil society and the academia focus on "Corporate Social Responsibility in Korea: State and Perspectives" from different angles. The subject of CSR has been on the KAS agenda in Korea since 2006. This publication is also available for Download. more…

November 24, 2014
Die Präsidentin der Republik Korea, Park Geun-hye (3.v.r) mit Teilen der deutschen Delegation anlässlich des Welt-Jahrestreffens 2014 der International Democrat Union (IDU) am 21. November 2014 in Seoul. Dabei auch: Dr. Norbert Eschborn (2.v.r.), Leiter des KAS-Auslandsbüros Korea

International Party Conference

IDU Party Leaders Meeting 2014 in Seoul: KAS meets Head of State

On the occasion of the 2014 Party Leaders Meeting of the International Democrat Union (IDU), South Korea's President Park Geun-hye (third from right) received members of the German delegation, consisting of representatives of the Christian Democrat and the Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU). In this context, also Dr. Norbert Eschborn (second from right), Head of the KAS Korea office, met with the President.

September 29, 2014
Dr. Klaus Schüler in Korea

CDU Chief Campaign Strategist in Korea

Dr. Klaus Schüler promotes Political Communication

On invitation of KAS, Dr. Klaus Schuler (second right), Chief Campaign Strategist of Germany's governing Christian Democratic Union, visited Korea in September. He was keynote speaker at an event on political communication and met former Korean Minister of Trade, Kim Jong Hoon MP, who is also in charge of the Saenuri party's international relations, for political talks. On his trip, Schüler was accompanied by Frank Priess, Deputy Department Head at KAS Headquarters (first from left).

August 27, 2014

International Reports

North Korean Refugees in South Korea

Since the division of states and the subsequent military conflict between North and South Korea, thousands of North Koreans fled their country in view of political repression and economic despair. Their target destination is South Korea. more…

June 12, 2014
MoU Signing KAS-Korea University

Rule of Law Project Work

Korea University and KAS sign MoU

Korea University's School of Law and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, represented by Dr. Norbert Eschborn, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on June 12, 2014 in Seoul. Both parties agreed to establish a close cooperation over a period of many years. Joint projects will focus on the topic of constitutionality in Korea. The school is widely considered to be the most prestigious law school in South Korea.

October 10, 2013
Festveranstaltung des KAS-Partners Youido Institute in Seoul aus Anlass des Abschlusses der institutsinternen Reform.

Internal Reform concluded

At New Start Youido Institute sets Ambitious Goals

The governing Saenuri Party's education institution, Youido Institute, celebrated the conclusion of its long-term organizational reform on October 10, 2013 in the presence of party chairman Hwang Woo Yeo and KAS Representative to Korea, Dr. Norbert Eschborn. In the future YI which has been a KAS partner since 2010 will dedicate much of their resources to civic education of Koreans and extensive research on current issues regarding politics and society.

August 26, 2013

KAS Deputy Chairwoman in South Korea

Hildigund Neubert: "Work of Korean KAS partners is commendable and indispensable"

From 21-25 August 2013 Hildigund Neubert, Deputy Chairwoman of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, visited the divided nation on invitation of KAS Korea. For Neubert it was already her second visit to South Korea since 2011. The outgoing Commissioner of the Free State of Thuringia for the Archives of the State Security Service of the former GDR has been a member of the consultation body of Germany and the Republic of Korea for matters on Korean reunification since its establishment in 2011. more…

March 1, 2013

New Publication on the Environment

Environmental Politics and Law in Germany and South Korea

A new publication on environmental politics and law in Germany and South Korea was introduced by KAS Korea in March 2013. The bilingual book in German and Korean contains a co-production of German and Korean authors, reflecting the developments in the two countries for the last 60 years. This publication documents South Korea's claim to become a future major actor on the international stage regarding environmental matters. For more information please refer to our German and Korean websites. more…

February 20, 2013

Korean National Assembly

Korea's Political Interest in Germany Increases

On 20 February 2013, the newly elected President of the Korea-Germany Parliamentarians' Friendship Association, Representative Nam Kyung Pil (Saenuri Party) and Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Resident Representative of KAS in Korea, met for a first exchange of views. more…