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Newsletter Korea

Nr.2 (dt) Sep. 07

The newsletter of the KAS Korea office is published in German and Korean language. The content of the newsletter refers to our projects and events, which were held concerning the strengthening of the Korean democratization process and the support of peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula. It covers measures about security and reunification policy, integration of North Korean immigrants, rule of law, decentralization, party democracy and social market economy. more…

Country Reports | September 24, 2007

The primary of the Korean Grand National Party

This article discusses the primary of the Korean Grand National Party for the upcoming presidential election. It presents the candidates and their plans concerning unification and economic policy. Moreover, the election process is described and an interpretation of the result is delivered. This article was published in "KAS Auslandsinformationen 09/2007". more…

Country Reports | September 10, 2007

Prospects and making Provisions on the changes in North Korea - Post 2.13 Agreement

This publication analyses the current situation between North- and South Korea. In this context a special focus is given to the agreement of February 13th 2007 and its possible implications for North-East-Asia. This edition has been published in cooperation with the Peace Foundation. more…

July 30, 2007

Development of the rule of law in Korea

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 8 (2007) Pub. Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung e.V.

This publication analyzes South Koreas current state of the rule of law and examines the situation from the perspective of constitutional and administrative law. It is the result of a conference with the Korea Public Law Association. The contributors are Prof. Ki-Choon Song, Prof. Jung-Kwon Kim, Prof. Seung-Dae Kim and Prof. Woo-Young Rhee. more…

July 27, 2007

Freedom of information and data privacy protection regarding national and European law

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 7 (2007) Hrsg.Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.

The articles in this publication introduce the German and Korean protection of data privacy and freedom of information law and discuss the reformation of the current data privacy protection and administration law in Korea. The results were compiled in a conference with the Korea Public Law Association. The contributors are Dr. Matthias Rossi, Prof. In-Ho Lee and Prof. Dr. Bong-Ki Shin more…

July 26, 2007