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Challenges and Visions for the Korean Peacemovement

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 4 (2007)

South Korean NGO’s and peace activists discussed new measures for sustainable freedom strategies and peace scenarios at three-day workshop on Cheju island. The results were summarized in this joint publication Language: Kr. more…

January 15, 2007

Social Market Economy in Germany and alternatives for Korean society

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 3 (2006)

Publication to the symposium about Social Market Economy in Germany and alternatives for Korean society. Language: Kr./Ger. more…

December 22, 2006

Survey Report on the Operation Performance of Community Center

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 2 (2006)

Analysis about the tasks and operation performance of community center in Korea. Published in Kooperation with the KAS partner Community Partnership Center (CPC). Language: Eng./Kr. more…

December 19, 2006

Party democracy and political foundations

KAS-Schriftenreihe Korea 1 (2006)

Publication to the symposium about party democracy and the role of political foundations in Germany and Korea. Language: Kr./Ger. more…

December 18, 2006

Germany and Korea: A Common Future

Speech of Korean Representative Park Geun-hye in the Academy of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin. Language: (Kr./Ger.) more…

Country Reports | September 28, 2006