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Germany and Korea: A Common Future

Speech of Korean Representative Park Geun-hye in the Academy of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin. Language: (Kr./Ger.) more…

Country Reports | September 28, 2006

Press Review

Forming a partnership for democracy, civil society

Interview with KAS resident representative for Korea Marc Ziemek about the role of german political foundations in Korea with special focus on the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. more…

August 17, 2006

What can be done to improve the North Koran Human Rights?

Publication covering the results of a conference held in July 2006 in Seoul which discusses possible ways for improvement of human rights in North Korea. more…

Event Reports | July 11, 2006

Visions for Regional Developements in Korea

How regional Communities of Korea can create a solid basis for the future. more…

January 3, 2006