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Vocational education and training is a pillar of the German education system and takes on an important function in the social market economy. No formal restrictions to access are present for vocational education and training. Every student can apply for a training position, regardless if they have completed school, and which school they have completed. This removes barriers to the training system and enables a broad sector of the population to take a recognized vocational qualification and thereby have a good chance on the labour market. more…

Eva Rindfleisch, Felise Maennig-Fortmann | August 5, 2015

Inconclusiveness As a Guiding Principle?

Six Decades of South Korean Unification Policy

The question of the quality of inter-Korean relations and the inevitably associated debate on the reunification of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula do not generally lead to escalations in everyday politics in South Korea. On the contrary: There is the impression that this issue is on the country’s political agenda particularly because it is considered "good form" to address it. more…

Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Andreas Kindsvater | International Reports | August 4, 2015

"We have come to learn"

in Korean language

The publications contains interviews and conclusions of researches and dialogue programs undertaken between 2012 and 2014 by teachers of the Yeo-Myung School in Seoul in cooperation with KAS on the subject of merging education systems of democratic and totalitarian states. The Yeo-Myung School's mission for some time already has been the integration of younf North Korean refugees into South Korean society. The School has also been constantly working on recommendations for teachers' training with respect to Korean reunification. more…

February 1, 2015

North Korean Refugees in South Korea

Arduous Escape and Difficult Integration

Since the division of states and the subsequent military conflict between North and South Korea, thousands of North Koreans fled their country in view of political repression and economic despair. Their target destination is South Korea. But there, refugees face a difficult integration. Prejudices, cultural differences and a modern life-style cause tensions. more…

Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Ines Apel | International Reports | August 25, 2014

Vade Mecum for Korean Unification

by Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Blum

Within a very short period of time, communist North Korea could become as politically unstable as East Germany did more than twenty years ago. What does the German experience tell us? more…

December 20, 2013