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Winners and losers in politics and sports

South Korea's party system is in turmoil – while one party is in the process of dissolu-tion, two parties are merging and a new party is currently being formed. Furthermore the Winter Olympics have ended the diplomatic ice age between North and South Korea. Yet, not everyone in the South is happy with this rapprochement and the integration of Pyongyang in the games. more…

Stefan Samse, HyeKyung Lee | February 7, 2018

Korean Minister of Unification Hyun In-Taek Meets KAS Korea Representative Marc Ziemek

In the preparation of KAS Koreas 30th Anniversary H.E. Minister of Unification Hyun In-Taek met Marc Ziemek. more…

August 28, 2009

The second summit in Korea

In this article, the upcoming summit between the leaders of the two Koreas is analyzed. It gives an overview about the topics that will be discussed, the expectations of the people towards it are presented and possible political implications are discussed. The article was published on September 24th 2007 in the KAS-Publication “Internationale Brennpunkte”. The text is in German. more…

September 24, 2007

Newsletter Korea

Nr.2 (dt) Sep. 07

The newsletter of the KAS Korea office is published in German and Korean language. The content of the newsletter refers to our projects and events, which were held concerning the strengthening of the Korean democratization process and the support of peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula. It covers measures about security and reunification policy, integration of North Korean immigrants, rule of law, decentralization, party democracy and social market economy. more…

September 24, 2007

The primary of the Korean Grand National Party

This article discusses the primary of the Korean Grand National Party for the upcoming presidential election. It presents the candidates and their plans concerning unification and economic policy. Moreover, the election process is described and an interpretation of the result is delivered. This article was published in "KAS Auslandsinformationen 09/2007". more…

September 10, 2007

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